Images of mayan writing and language

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Mayan script Origin. The Mayan civilisation lasted from about BC to AD, with a classical period from AD. The earliest known writing in the Mayan script dates from about BC, but the script is thought to have developed at an earlier date.

Writing inLyle Campbell, an expert in Mayan languages and historical linguistics, argued that the most promising proposal is the "Macro-Mayan" hypothesis, which posits links between Mayan, the Mixe–Zoque languages and the Totonacan languages, but more research is needed to support or disprove this hypothesis.

The Mayans are also known for creating an advanced writing system called hieroglyphs for communication. Hieroglyphs are pictures that represent letters, words, or stories.

Click on "Hieroglyphs" to learn more about Mayan Library of Congress has an interactive showcase of Mayan writing.

Writing and Hieroglyphics. The Maya writing system is considered by archaeologists to be the most sophisticated system ever developed in Mesoamerica. The Maya wrote using individual signs or glyphs, paired in columns that read together from left to right and top to bottom.

Maya glyphs represented words or syllables that could be combined to form any word or concept in the Mayan language. images or are inscribed with Mayan hieroglyphic writing.

These monuments give insight into various aspects of the formal life of Cobá, including dress, ritual processes, and the roles and power of both men and women in the city’s ceremonial and political activities.

Mayan symbols -- The Mayans used a written language that combined idea glyphs Find this Pin and more on Mayan Writing by Richard Guimond.

Mayan Language Family

Mayan Glyph Symbols: An ancient form of writing.

Images of mayan writing and language
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Mayan hieroglyphic script and languages