Studying a foreign language

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News & Announcements Applications for the summer Governor's World Language Academies are now available. Please review the Guide for Students and Parents/Guardians-This is a Word document. (Word) or the Guide for Schools-This is a Word document. (Word) as appropriate before beginning the process.

Schools must complete the nomination process and submit all materials no later than. Foreign language as a college major has been staple of most college and university curricula.

Today with increasing demands for multi-lingual professionals, the language programs have taken on a. Foreign students pursuing higher education diplomas in China will have to take compulsory courses in Chinese and about the country’s general conditions and culture starting from next month, the.

"I speak English, so I don't have to learn a foreign language." Everyone speaks English, right? Well, certainly not everyone speaks English. According to the CIA World Fact Book, only % of the world's total population speaks English as a primary language.

The Importance of Learning Foreign Languages

Higher education experts around the world share what they believe to be the main benefits of studying abroad including experience in a global hub, and developing language skills via immersion in an international experience, as well as key factors to consider when choosing a location for.

Teaching yourself languages The Shadowing Technique The Scriptorium Technique Teaching yourself languages In order to learn a foreign language well, you must always invest much focused energy using intelligent study methods and good study materials with systematic regularity over long periods of time.

Studying a foreign language
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